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My life before & my inspiration...

For 20+ years, I had a successful (& highly technical) career in the software consulting field. I programmed robots, wrote thousands of lines of programming code, implemented automated processes, blah, blah, blah. Although I am grateful for the success I had, my soul & spirit longed for something different. Fortunately, I was able to retire from my technical career, & now I am a mixed-media artist creating art to empower girls & women. My spirit smiles every single day!

I am inspired by girls I think this inspiration started when my daughter was 2 years old  that was when I became a single Mom It is soooooo challenging to raise children in this crazy, informationoverloaded worldRaising a child without a partner increases the challenge tremendously.  Raising a “girl” increases the challenge exponentially Why is that?  Just a few thoughts on that topic below

Whatever girls do, they must do twice as well as boys to be thought half as good.  Right?!?!

Aggressive boys are “strong”, while aggressive girls are “that word I refuse to utter or type because it just perpetuates the stereotype”  you know the word,right?

Boys are still celebrated and admired for having sex with lots of girls, while girls are labeled “that word I refuse to utter or type because it just perpetuates the stereotype”  again, you know the word, right?

We STILL spend too much time measuring outstanding “Female” leaders, when we should be measuring “outstanding” leaders.  Period.

Girls/females/women are STILL paid less than boys/males/men for the same or better effort.  (in 2015, girls earned ~80% of what boys earned What?!?!)

It’s 2017 and people STILL ask girls/females/women “Who watches your children while you work?  Once more What?!?!

When I entered Georgia Tech in 1985, 21% of enrolled students were girls.  In 2016, only 31% of enrolled students were girls, an increase of only 10% in 30+ years!  A final What?!?!

Fortunately, my daughter evolved into a very intelligent, compassionate, and self-sufficient young lady.  She is 27 years old, married to a ROCK STAR husband, and is a ROCK STAR in her own right NYU honor graduate, UGA honor graduate, is a Financial Management professional, and a “Super-Mommie” to young Hudson.

Not so fortunately, my daughter faces many of the same discriminatory challenges that existed in the 1980s (and the 1970s, 60s, etc).  The gender wage gap is still an issue.  Many of the same negative female stereotypes still exist.  And, more often than you may believe, girls/females/women still have to work twice as hard as men in the board room to get respect  or to simply get boys/males/men to listen to what they are saying!  So, I say“ENOUGH ALREADY!!!  The future is for females  and I intend on doing my part to ensure everyone knows it  and having tremendous, adventurous fun along the way.

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