She Couldn't Be Tamed - Greeting Card


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a girl like me... "She had a wild & wandering gypsy soul that couldn't be tamed"

So... this is for the girl who has a WILD and WANDERING spirit. She flutters through life with such essence and calm... and she infuses that essence with everyone she encounters. Do you know a girl like this? Someone who makes you feel ALIVE and UNTETHERED. You should never try to cage this gypsy girl... she's not a girl that can be boxed in or confined by other people's rules. She can never be tamed... she's looking for someone who can embrace her wildness, and let her remain free.

  • This is a 3.5" x 8.5" card of an original Mixed Media painting. 
  • Each card has a slightly "hidden" date somewhere on the print; the date represents a date in history that a woman performed a FANTASTICAL feat!