Why Yes, I Am Single... You Will Have To Be Amazing To Change That - Greeting Card


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a girl like me... “Why yes, I am single… you will have to be amazing to change that.”

So... you must know a girl who is single and unattached... and has some pretty HIGH standards (as she should!) regarding the partner she may or may not choose in life. This girl doesn't settle very often for anything less than what she wants. She's a lovely young lady (with a penchant for butterflies), and she is FULLY HAPPY, FULFILLED, and JOYFUL with her life. If she happens to meet someone along the way that ADDS positive vibes to her life, she may invite him or her to join her on her adventures. If not, so be it!

  • This is a 5x7 card of an original Mixed Media painting. 
  • Each card has a slightly "hidden" date somewhere on the print; the date represents a date in history that a woman performed a FANTASTICAL feat!