I Belong In The House And The Senate - Greeting Card


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a girl like me... "I belong in the house...and the Senate"

So... have you noticed that FEMALES are becoming a more significant part of our political infrastructure? (Uhhh... what took so long?!) Have you also noticed that some people are not entirely happy and comfortable with having more females in the political arena? Well, to those people, I introduce this LOVELY, INTELLIGENT, and FIERCE young lady... and she has lovely CARAMEL-COLORED SKIN. (Some people are quite uncomfortable with her skin color also.) But, no worries... she's NOT going anywhere, folks! Because, she belongs in the HOUSE... and yes, in the Senate. Watch out... here she comes!

  • This is a 5x7 card of an original Mixed Media painting. 
  • Each card has a slightly "hidden" date somewhere on the print; the date represents a date in history that a woman performed a FANTASTICAL feat!