If Ballet Were Easier, It Would Be Called Football- Original


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a girl like me... “If ballet were easier, it would be called football.”

So... this girl is a ballerina, or maybe an aspiring ballerina. She knows all too well the difficulty level of performing pirouettes, fouettes, grand adages, or grand jetes. (spelling these terms is not so easy either!) The difficulty level of these moves is much higher than... let's say... well, how about catching a leather ball and running down a nicely manicured grassy field with a custom helmet, a team of large people blocking others from tackling you, all while garbed in safety pads galore! Well, YES... I'd say the ballet moves have a difficulty level OFF THE CHARTS compared with football!

Your girl, sister, daughter or friend will celebrate her fierceness and strength every single day when she looks at this original painting hanging on her wall... and she will KNOW, for sure, that football players could NEVER do ballet.

  • I created this Mixed Media painting on an 18 x 24 canvas board using acrylics, gelatos, pastels, ink, charcoal, and embellishments.
  • Each painting has a slightly "hidden" date somewhere on the canvas; the date represents a date in history that a woman performed a FANTASTICAL feat!
  • The painting is delivered to your door with a custom story describing the inspiring woman and the date she set the world ablaze.

Need it framed? No problem! Just select “Yes - frame, please!” on the menu, and I will surround your custom art with a beautiful and elegant looking wide gold frame. She will look LOVELY and FIERCE!